Terp Farm brings sustainability to 251 North

Terp Farm invited the Maryland community to 251 North to learn about sustainability Credit: Mahesh Prasad

Terp Farm invited the Maryland community to 251 North to learn about sustainability
Credit: Mahesh Prasad

On April 30, 2014, 251 North hosted Meet and Greet Homegrown Eats, introducing the Terp Farm sustainability project to the University of Maryland.

Dining Services recently secured a $124,400 grant from the university’s Sustainability Fund for a project that will allow them to use sustainably grown vegetables from Terp Farm, a two-acre plot in Upper Marlboro, in Maryland’s dining halls and the Green Tidings food truck.

Representatives from Terp Farm, led by Farmer Guy Kilpatric, visited campus for two hours to educate the community about the benefits of sustainability, as well as the importance of a healthy diet.  Kilpatric emphasized that one of his biggest goals is to make the University of Maryland’s food options as sustainable as possible, and that he was using this event to motivate students and faculty alike to encourage Dining Services to use sustainable products in their food preparation.  Various panels, each led by an expert in sustainable farming, explained the process taken to grow produce at the Terp Farm and how sustainably grown products have a higher nutritional value than other products.



A panel details possible healthy replacements for salt in one’s diet
Credit: Mahesh Prasad

Tasty education

The Meet and Greet Homegrown Eats event allowed its 80+ visitors to learn about sustainable farming firsthand with their taste buds.  Terp Farm representatives provided visitors with the opportunity to experience the taste of sustainably grown agriculture through various complimentary dishes, including fruit smoothies, veggie casseroles and veggie tacos.  Volunteers cooked each dish with sustainably grown fruits and vegetables grown at the local farm.


Terp Farm volunteers blend sustainably grown fruits into refreshing smoothies
Credit: Mahesh Prasad



Some consumers of the vegetable tacos at the Meet and Greet Homegrown Eats event described the item as ” incredibly spicy”
Credit: Mahesh Prasad

After visitors filled their stomachs with freshly grown food, a professional chef provided suggestions to better integrate the sustainable Terp Farm produce into their everyday cooking:

Eating social 

In addition to complimentary food, Meet and Greet Homegrown Eats provided visitors with interactive entertainment, including live music from WMUC.

Coordinators also encouraged visitors to record Vines of themselves speaking about sustainable products, which they immediately posted to the Terp Farm Twitter page.

Overall, everyone involved considered the event to be a huge success in taking the first step in making the University of Maryland’s dining services fully sustainable.

Click here to learn more about the Terp Farm project.



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