The trials and tribulations of InDesign

The first page of my newsletter in the InDesign workplace  Credit: Mahesh Prasad

The first page of my newsletter in the InDesign workplace
Credit: Mahesh Prasad


Until recently, InDesign has proven to be more of a tribulation than a trial.  The problems began from my first attempt to download Adobe Creative Cloud.  It wasn’t until after three calls to the University of Maryland’s IT Department and multiple troubleshooting attempts that the program finally installed successfully, allowing me to finally begin the process of constructing the first page of my newsletter.

I knew that the process would prove difficult, but that in the end, I would have hopefully learned a valuable skill and constructed a visually appealing informational piece centered on the university’s men’s basketball team.

Early challenges

The biggest tribulation I faced when starting to work on my newsletter was the process of placing my lengthy first story on the front page without absorbing excessive white space.  For three days, I worked tirelessly to generate a layout that would allow my story to fit on the left side of the front page with an accompanying image on the right side, but failed miserably.  No matter what I tried, the text would just not fit.

Selecting a font to display my banner proved to be another challenge.  InDesign offers a multitude of appealing fonts, making the selection an extremely daunting task.  After a lengthy period of trial and error, I finally discovered the Algerian font, which is similar to the font on the university’s athletics webpage.

A helpful tutorial

InDesign expert Terry White presents a useful tutorial course for beginners                   Credit: Adobe

I came to class this past week extremely distressed after my first attempt at generating the first page of my newsletter, unsatisfied with the product I created and doubtful of my ability to grasp the basic concepts of InDesign.

However, these doubts immediately vanished with the arrival of Annie Laurie Nichols.  Nichols, who had visited us much earlier in the semester, truly helped me develop new ideas for how to generate a visually appealing front page.

Nichols’ hands-on InDesign tutorial also made me comfortable using various tools with which I had previously struggled.  I felt confident leaving the classroom that day, ready to apply Nichols’ teachings to generate a stunning newsletter, regardless of any further tribulations.


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